Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bird Of Prey

Bird of Prey, taking flight today
he swoops, he shoots, he's out knockin boots.
rock n roll, take a stroll,
down the street
servin uptown swamp land
ghetto ride prossin
cause he's rollin true gangsta Westside tossin
Lo-pez identified when we ride who knew
Bird Boy could avoid such trouble
hook it up on the double
i figga he's a chicken hawk
got to cock back and pull the trigga
rolling dice think twice
before there's full penetration
send you home like Nathan

Bird of prey let me pray for my boy
he who dies with the most toys still dies
no suprise fool
it don't matta thank you I'm fatta
get your girl climb the ladder
to the top and don't stop
take a hit from the true
O.L.G. ride
money b back seat drivin
Road hog droppin logslake shasta go fasta
toby call him masta
groupies, Lopez wenches, fill the benches, screamin senseless, no defenses
let the persuit begin
get in where i fit in
ladies and gentlemen
give me a paper and pen
sendin out success
only the best, the west, not the rest
i suggest stop. look. read a book.
you can call him a crook
cause he took all your women
now he's swimming in 10's and 20's
got chickens by the flock
block to block he can't be stopped fool!

Represent. he got spent but he didn't get sent home
never alone, cause
Lopez fellas got his back
please tell us where you at
who's jealous
he saw the rat king, dodge dart
don't depart from the path, movin fast
bending corners, clouds of smoke
people chokin, broken down
at the club, proposition 101
havin fun making a run
PCH on a date
roll with me, root the core
peel it up that's enough
let me know
bird, double OH! 7
he's James not Bond, but Lee
original True Lopez G

Bird Boy, Bird of Prey
Go big, or don't stay
Sucka who, sucka what!?
Think you got something to say? Tough!


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