Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another Realization of "Being Ahead of the Times"

You may remember Jim's note about how Halo 3 now has a record mode for review kill highlights...and how we did that back in the 90's. (See below)

Well it has occured to me as I review the OG Lopez site that what we were trying to do back then is what I am doing right now...Blogging.

Back 'in the year 2000' (note the Conan reference) we kept a series of webpages that were updated regularly to show the world what was happening in the lives of Lopez. We didn't even know that what we were doing would years later catch on and become known as blogging and take the internet by storm.

With ideas and innovations such as these it is clear that one day the Corporate Lopez, which came from the humblest of begginings, will be a force known throughout the land. Onward to glory. Onward!


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