Friday, April 29, 2005


It’s the D.O.C., chuck D with the recipe
and the pedigree to be nothing less than a VIP
you can’t see me so you can’t see the “D”
it’s M.D. if you please and really if you need
You can call the doctor’s office but you’ll get the machine
Cause we’re out on the town low down for real
The real deal an ideal
to rock the spot with my glock and schpiel
That’s my gun and my rhymes
I keep ‘em locked and loaded almost all the time
He’ll send shivers down your spine
Hit you where the sun don’t shine
he don’t mind, you won’t find
another with his bloodline
brother’s one of a kind and ya’ll are out you mind
if you think you’re fine but we’re more inclined
to break you down and show you the way
this what we do and it’s how we get paid
it’s the doctor MD proct or gamble can see
that chuck to the D he owns his own league
you can’t stop me or l-o-p-e-z
and that’s who he rides with the CPT!


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