Thursday, July 21, 2005

No Kidding!

Hey thanks for the info. Why not instead of tearing it down you do something about it? As for the summer comment...I am in Provo looking for employment and it looks like I may end up as the new UVSC soccer coach. That would keep me in Provo til December or so. I would love to do it and I'd be the bomb coach. I need to find a job though. I hate looking but I have found the old addage, "it's not what you know, but who you know that matters," to be totally true. This is bad for me because while I have to spend this time working to build networks, Tom is over there powdering his rims and painting his break calipers to match his ride...all for free basically. See for yourself! So besides that I have been golfing a bit and you know what? I finished my last 9 holes par, birdie, par, par. I was only 4 over after 9 holes. Happy day for me. Obviously no one has been to my blog recently to learn about the newest dance craze hitting the nation...namely, Clowning and Krumpin. Check it out at my site! It is pretty rad. Jim knows what I'm talking about. Brrrrrrrrrrr< bird call. roll the "R" ROLL IT! Holler

Captain Kirk aka Caleb----OUT


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