Sunday, May 01, 2005

Drew Down

Let me spit this straight cause Drew is back
And he’s rollin legit how you feel about that?
He’s been creepin on the D.L see, like TLC
Making tons of cheese like a recipe
Are you hearing me? Try listening
And maybe you will see
He’s still represents at his J.O.B.
Taking clients loot like a robbery
It’s the APC doing things the right way
Keep the suckas guessin at what I might say
At the right time and with the right lines
I come with the sick rhymes all the time
I like playing these games with people like you
You can’t stop LO-PEZ and you can’t stop Drew
It’s like oooo! We got nothing to prove. We got everything to loose
So we keep our game tight like the lace in my shoes
I knew from day one that double D wouldn’t quit
That’s why I’m on the mic to make another dope hit
Bringing the good news it’s the gospel of Kirk
Drew’s back with the crew bringing ya’ll the big hurt
With a smirk on our faces like it’s wedding night
I’m just spitting the facts like walter cronkite
I’m CNN, I’m headline news
Lopez is back and we got the whole crew


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