Friday, June 10, 2005

To All You Player Haters

Snip, Your mamma's so fat, she's got smaller fat women orbiting her.

You question the rafting expedition? Well, I know what I know. And when I was stuck under that raft after is capsized and almost died it was as real as it was going to get. Then when we dropped in on the big drop and 15 spectators watched us rally that thing, it was the realest deal. Now, Puff is working on a DVD and hopefully I'll be able to pull some stills off of it and put up here. Sorry for not being technically inclined.

How you gonna come up on here and the first thing you ever post is that weak momma joke. How about an update on your life to let us know how the mangy city of Portland is. Or how wifey is. Are you a dad or expecting to be one? Sodon't hate, appreciate.

Now that that is out of the way... I just talked to beaver and he seems to be doing really well. Robb named is little giri simeon. That may not be the proper spelling but it gets the point across. Spencer is on the way out to Utah to celebrate his brother taylor's wedding. Robb is taking a job offer in Arizona probably and I guess will be moving out. Mark is getting married today and I'm going to his reception tonight. I'm looking for a job in marketing so if anyone has anyone that should be talking to me...let me know. Holler!


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