Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Rafting Expedition

It is going down in the Nth degree. The rafting expedition is going to be the sickest non-scout related ride ever. On Tuesday, May 24, Captain Kirk, El Guapo, Snut a.k.a. Puff, and Thee Doctor MD are going to raft the provo river. It is going to be way crazier than when Taco, Bird Boy and Kirk did it about 3 years ago. And better than the senior picinic rafting Bird and Beaver did back in the day.

Guapo has dug a some specs for the upcoming river flow, which I can't seem to upload at the moment. But basically it shows a graph of when the peak water flow will be. And we are going to be riding it just days before it hits its maximum.

Also, the local news stations did all kinds of stories about how fast the rivers are flowing. It is going to be absolutely nuts. It is for this reason we are renting rafts that can handle some real rapids, helmuts, and life jackets. We have some one who will be taking pictures of pieces of the expeditions so stay tuned.


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