Monday, May 02, 2005

The Bo$$ aka Snut

To the...
Man with the floss, who could pross in russia
It's the Boss, he won't trust ya
but yo, check it, he's a
lo-down true fool ready to make a scene who
could it be? believe it or not its just me
and we as brothas won't stop
sit back and watch all the ladies flock.
It's a...
plan who's the man, servin Lithuanian
no more Elder its humanitarian
aid air raid, can't fade his style with a smile
don't question his position on a mission to please
pay attention did i mention the reason that he's
the Bo$$
get the IBC, winehard's Vanilla Cream
Its a dream, it the truth, you want proof
here's the scoop.
Its like...
I know what I know and his name is David O
so check hit the dance floor
I can be a dance pole
Puff let us go
Cali-o back out to the valley yo
he's got...
oversees recipes that OLG's need
he's hooking up the boys with the toys we'll enjoy
that's why the Bo$$ can toss the sauce
that's why it costs to rock with us
a fully decorated, P.I.M.P.
gang relate, affiliate with L-O-P-E-Z


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